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Facility Rental

Looking for a place to host your next meeting, cocktail party, holiday event, or wedding reception? The Lyric Opera of Kansas City offers rental of our 4500 square foot rehearsal space as well as other meeting spaces, up to 200 guests, in the Michael and Ginger Frost Production Arts Building.  The facility is located in the Crossroads Arts District in downtown Kansas City, MO and has free parking availability. Contact Sarah Zsohar, Production/Facility Associate, at 816-471-4933 or szsohar@kcopera.org for more information about and availability of the facility.

Production Rentals

A number of productions are available to rent from the Lyric Opera of Kansas City.  Below is a listing of the available productions.  Click the production title for information. Contact Tracy Davis-Singh, Director of Production, at 816-471-4933 or tdavis-singh@kcopera.org for inquiries about rental availability.

La bohème

La bohèmeA new, traditional production with a three minute pause between Act I and Act II.

“Veteran designer R. Keith Brumley has created a handsome new set for the show, and its warmth, style and psycho-visual impact sometimes kept the eyes and the mind busier than the ears. The Parisian hovel of Acts 1 and 4, for example, featured outer walls that angled toward us, giving a claustrophobic feel accentuated by the outward thrust of the window. It enhanced the acoustic resonance for the singers, and at the same time it made us feel a bit of the characters’ desperation. Even the “gay” street of Act 2 seemed intentionally garish, to suggest that beneath all the glitz – and the willfully too-lavish costumes by Martin Pakledinaz – lay poverty and suffering.” The Independent

La bohème Rental Info

I Capuleti e i Montecchi

I Capuleti e i MontecchiA new production of I Capuleti et i Montecchi that explores how Romeo and Juliet’s love flourishes and endures against a backdrop of violence and war. The fall-out shelter in which the Capulets are forced to live in highlights the isolation and emotional imprisonment so pervasive in the libretto.

“The Lyric Opera’s version separated the political and romantic narrative from its regional and historic origins, with help from Vita Tzykun’s set design, which was stark, monochromatic—and purposefully ambiguous. Newbury’s goal was to tap into the contemporary resonance of war, and how love succeeds or fails to transcend violence. This non-descript (and non-region specific) design was thus charged with exploiting the theme of love—and how it seeks to find footing amidst long-standing strife and animosity.” KCMetropolis.org

I Capuleti e i Montecchi Rental Info


CarmenA stylized, flexible and acoustically friendly arena for Carmen and her inevitable fate, that allows for a quick scene change between Act III and Act IV.

“Director of Design and Technical Production R. Keith Brumley designed an impressive set for the Lyric Theatre stage to accommodate [Bernard] Uzan’s vision and a cast of more than 75 members.” Present Magazine

“…elevated by a handsome, versatile new set by the Lyric’s R. Keith Brumley,” The Independent

Carmen Rental Info

La Cenerentola

La CenerentolaA joyful romp of a production set in a 1930′s Hollywood back lot with choreographed scene changes directed by Garnett Bruce.

“While it was refreshing, even inspiring, to see the work of a director who understands how to stage against the strong parallel lines of a proscenium theatre, perhaps most impressive were R. Keith Brumley’s sets and Mary Traylor’s costumes. Brumley especially used the Dell Hall drop-and-fly system extensively and to magnificent effect.” The Austin Chronicle for an Austin Lyric Opera production

“The ingenious, attractive sets by R. Keith Brumley made much of little…” The Kansas City Star

La Cenerentola Rental Info

Don Giovanni

Don GiovanniA formal, stylized production that moves seamlessly thru Mozart’s many scenes.

Don Giovanni Rental Info

The Flying Dutchman

The Flying DutchmanA new traditional production with rustic weathered wood construction details, coupled with a new and intricately detailed costume package, framed by state of the art video for the staged overture and the Act III finale.

“Keith Brumley’s set designs were straightforward: The rough-hewn interior for Act 2 was attractive…and the Dutchman’s ship looked aptly sea-weary and sinister.” The Independent

“Mary Traylor was again at her best, creating original costumes that brought the same authenticity and flair as did her work for Turandot in 2011.” kcmetropolis.org

The Flying Dutchman Rental Info


HamletA contemporary, industrial, and visionary take on Shakespeare’s story, with a striking mad scene directed by Thaddeus Strassberger.

“Then there’s the set: an industrial wasteland, all concrete and corrugated metal. It’s a chilly marvel that aspires to the working man’s grime of the old Soviet Bluc but doesn’t wind up looking like Madonna’s video for ‘Express Yourself’.” The Pitch

Hamlet Rental Info

The Mikado

The MikadoA richly detailed new production full of color and comic possibilities with a fabric scroll show curtain and a dramatic intermission scene change for Act II.

“The wildly colorful set design by R. Keith Brumley is a delight to look at, with a red “oriental” arch over a V-shaped, multi-platformed floor that the singers have to negotiate with caution. The walls are decorated with detailed patterns and an ingenious central “revolving door” for Act 2 that allows characters to make suprise appearances with a simple rotation.” The Independent

The Mikado Rental Info

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and JulietBased on the template of Don Giovanni with its own additions, Romeo and Juliet is an elegant design that propels the action.

Romeo and Juliet Rental Info


ToscaPuccini’s classic tale with three distinct and detailed locales: a towering cathedral interior, an intimate palace chamber, and the famous prison rooftop. A new production that includes full props and furniture.

“R. Keith Brumley’s set design makes an immediate impact as the first curtain goes up, where cavernous vaults meet geometric squares and a real sense of verticality and depth draw in the audience.”KCMetropolis.org

Tosca Rental Info


TurandotGrand scenery created for the opening of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  The setting for this Turandot is very cold and icy.  It features a non-traditional color palate of cooler tones feeding the concept of Turandot as the Ice Princess.

“R. Keith Brumley’s set designs were grand and elaborate…featuring an angled palace entrance stage left that emitted strong light but left you in suspense as to what was happening inside…Muted background colors helped highlight the color-splashed hues of Mary Traylor’s authentic-looking costumes.” The Independent

Turandot Rental Info

To view all photos of available production rentals from the Lyric Opera of Kansas City, click here.